South Yorkshire Police Old Comrades Association

Sheffield Branch of NARPO incorporates an Old Comrades Association, with a separate constitution, membership & funding arrangements it remains an entity in its own right, but is organised and administered by Branch Officers and members.

It was founded by the Chief Constable of Sheffield City Police in 1928 – Capt. Percy Sillitoe – (later to be Sir Percy Sillitoe head of MI5)- with the sole intention of an annual dinner being arranged so retired members of the Sheffield City Police Force could meet on one night a year, renew friendships and discuss past experiences over a meal. . An Association gift  is made available to new members at the annual dinner. Membership is now extended to all officers who retire from the South Yorkshire Police, who have worked in or had an association with Sheffield, such as in HQ and Support departments. .

The Dinner has been held every year since 1928, even throughout the war years. The vast majority of members are also members of NARPO.. Members of the Association a receive an e mail or  letter, depending on their preference in the summer each year giving details of the event and  venue The Association has a membership of over .1100, so all new members are encouraged to take the e mail option to reduce our costs.

If you served in Sheffield or in a department supporting policing in the city during your career and would like to join the Old Comrades Association, please complete the application form ( download link below). Once complete send it to Corporate Finance Pensions Department, South Yorkshire Police Headquarters, Carbrook House, Carbrook, Sheffield S9 2DB.

Application form

Booking Process for Old Comrades Dinner

We normally send out out menus and booking forms for the annual dinner in June or July. We ask if you can help us reduce the costs, so saving funds for our members. Over the last few years over 50% of members now agree to receive the booking form and menu by e-mail. However we still face a cost of almost £600 each year for paper, printing and postage for the remaining members who still receive these documents by post.

The three ways you can deal with the dinner booking is as follows;

  1. Receive papers by e-mail and make booking and pay by on line banking
  2. Receive papers by e-mail but print off and return with cheque by post
  3. Receive papers by post and return with cheque by post.

Ideally we would like as many members as possible to use options 1 or 2. If you are not already using options 1 or 2 and would like to do so, please send your full details and chosen e-mail address to

We will annually ask you to confirm any changes to your details at the time of the annual dinner. If your address or contact details change before that date you can provide this by e-mail to

General Data Protection Regulations 2015 (GDPR)

The above regulations come into force on 25 May 2018. They replace existing data protection legislation. Members of the Old Comrades should be aware that we keep details of their name, address, telephone number and e mail address where provided, or just name and address. This information is used for confirming payment of membership subscriptions and provision of information about the annual dinner. It is retained on a password protected database and is not shared with or provided to any other persons or organisations. 

Old Comrades Draft New Constitution 2018

Article 1  The name of the Association

Sheffield Old Comrades Association (here after Old Comrades) will take its name from the time of its formation when local policing was undertaken by Sheffield City Police. Therefore irrespective of the current or future name of the police force for the area, it will retain its historic name.

Article 2 – Purpose

The primary purpose of the Old Comrades will be to provide at least once a year, a dinner open to all members, to celebrate their service to the policing of Sheffield. The Old Comrades will subsidise the meals within the capabilities of its funds

From time to time the Old Comrades may also make contributions to worthwhile charities that support our members and also make donations for the welfare of individual members. The decision to make such donations will be for at least two of the Officers of the Old Comrades.

Article 3 – Membership

Membership of the Old Comrades will be open to all those eligible to be members of the National Association of Retired Police Officers (hereafter NARPO) and who have for any period of time served as a police officer in Sheffield or have been associated with the policing of Sheffield due to their role in the current police force for the area.

Article 4 – Subscriptions

Members will pay a monthly subscription direct from pension or an annual amount equivalent to those twelve monthly payments. The amount of the subscription will be open to change by a vote of a simple majority to the Annual General Meeting.

The accounts will be open to inspection annually to ensure their accuracy.

Article 5- Officers

The Old Comrades will have the following posts;

  1. Chair
  2. Secretary
  3. Treasurer

The post holders of chair, secretary and treasurer will also be invited to be members of the executive committee of the Sheffield Branch of NARPO. 

The Chief Officer of the force responsible for policing the Sheffield area will hold an honorary post as President and be invited to attend the annual dinner.

Article 6 – Meetings

The Old Comrades will hold an annual general meeting (hereafter AGM) . This will normally coincide with the AGM of the Sheffield branch of NARPO

The Old Comrades will also hold at least one meal for members, normally in October of each year.

Article 7 – Elections of post holders

This will normally take place when a post holder relinquishes that role, but it is open at the AGM for any member to propose new post holder(s) which would be subject to a vote of those present based on a simple majority

Article 8 – Changes to the constitution

Any changes to the constitution will be open for discussion at the AGM and subject to a vote of those present based on a simple majority.


Captain Sillitoe

page last updated on 06/06/2019

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