Keith William Woodhouse, 86 years, died on Thursday 22 November 2018 after a short illness. He retired from SYP having worked Doncaster and Mexborough area approximately 40 years ago. 
Former PC Christine Byrne (nee Wragg)71 years, passed away on 25 November 2018. Most of us will remember her as Chris Kirk, who worked at West Bar and in HQ. Chris's funeral took place on Tuesday 18 December 2018.
Former PC David William Sutherland, 85 years, died on Sunday 25 November 2018 in Ashington Hospital after short illness with cancer. He retired approximately 30 years ago as a Pc with SYP working in Doncaster RT (vehicle examination) having first joined North Yorkhsire in Harrogate. On his instructions there is to be no funeral for friends and members to atttend as he wished no fuss simply be taken to the local crematorium alone.
Former Detective Constable Arthur Tattershall, 86 years, has passed away. Arthur worked most of his career in the old B Division in CID. His funeral took place on Tuesday 4 December 2018.
Former PC 1119 Paul Smedley, 68 years, passed away on 20 November 2018.. Paul worked at West Bar, Attercliffe and Traffic. Paul's funeral took place on Thursday 6 December 2018.
Former Constable Trevor Wingfield passed away on Sunday 28 October 2018 at the Northern General Hospital. He worked Stationed at West Bar in Control Room and retired in 1980’s. Trevor's funeral took place on Tuesday 20 November 2018.

Former PC Paul James Ibberson, 60 years has passed away. He recently developed a type of blood cancer and died on Sunday 28 October, 2018. Paul joined as a cadet and was posted to Hammerton Road. He was later posted in to Traffic before his early retirement following an accident. Paul's funeral took place on Tuesday 13 November, 2018.

Former DC Stephen Braithwaite (Bessie), 62 years died on Monday 1 October 2018. He worked in Doncaster District both in uniform and CID.  Stephen's funeral was held on Monday 15 October 2018 .

Former PC John Glossop, 57 years, passed away on 20 September 2018. John served at Barnsley and was an accident investigator. His funeral took place on Wednesday 10 October 2018.

Former Detective Constable Alan King, 71 years, died on 17 September 2018 after being taken ill whilst playing golf at Tinsley Park  Alan worked at Woodseats and in Commercial Branch. Alan’s funeral took place on Wednesday 3 October 2018.

Former Detective Chief Inspector Peter (Potty) Bridgwood, 76 years passed away on Monday 3 September 2018. Peter began his career with Sheffield City Police in 1961 being initially posted to Attercliffe. He served across the city and in HQ mostly in CID. His funeral took place on Friday 21 September 2019.

Frank Lindsay, 91 years, died on 23 August 2018. He worked as a mounted police officer in Sheffield (his love of horses was legendary!). The funeral took place on Monday 10 September. 

Former Police Sergeant Ken Bloor, died on Monday 13 August 2018.  Ken’s Funeral took place Friday 31 August 2018.

Former Sergeant Roy Sunderland, 89 years, died on Monday 13 August  2018. Roy retired as Sergeant from SYP working in Doncaster Control Room for many years, he had joined Doncaster Borough Police. 

Neil BOWLES former Inspector and Federation branch board chairman sadly passed away at 7.30 am 17 August 2018 in St Lukes Hospice, Sheffield. Neil bore his pain and condition courageously, all our thoughts and condolences go to his family. Neil's funeral took place on Thursday 30 August 2018.

Former Chief Inspector Colin Line passed away on 24 July2018, aged 79 years. Colin served in Barnsley, Doncaster and in Traffic amongst other places.

Former detective sergeant John Charles Pearson, 63yrs, died on Monday 9 July 2018.  John retired from SYP in 2004 having worked across Doncaster and Rotherham. His funeral was held on Monday 30 July 2018.
Former PC George Kitchen, 82 years, has died George retired as Pc from Doncaster having worked across Doncaster along with working at Thurcroft. His funeral took place on Wednesday 18th July 2018.
Former Superintendent John Joseph Ashton, 82 years passed away on Thursday 5th July 2018. John died following a long battle with an auto-immune lung disease. John joined the West Riding Constabulary at Harrogate in 1957, later transferring to the Doncaster Division of what was to become firstly West Yorkshire, then South Yorkshire, Police.  Having advanced through the ranks, he eventually retired in 1993 as sub-divisional commander of the then A2 sub-division at Thorne. The funeral service for John Ashton was be held at St Mary's Church, Sprotbrough (centre of village) at 11.30am on Thursday 2 August.
Former Inspector Ray Johnson, 71 years, has died. Ray started on D Group at West Bar (PC 1771) where he worked in uniform and CID. He retired in 2005 and went to live in Sutton on Sea in Lincolnshire. Ray's funeral took place on Friday 13 July 2018 at Alford crematorium, Lincolnshire.
Former PC Keith Moorhouse, 81 years, has passed away. Keith worked at West Bar Police Station and retired in 1982. Funeral arrangements will be circulated when known.
Former PC Paul Albert Channon, 85 years died on Friday 25 May 2018 after a short illness. He retired from South Yorkshire Police in 1986 after serving in the Doncaster area. Paul's funeral took place on Thursday 14 June 2018.
Former Sergeant Ronald (Ron) Jepson who served initially with Sheffield City Police and finally with South Yorkshire Police, until 1974. He passed away Sunday 13 May 2018 at Treeton Grange Care Home, Rotherham at the age of 97 years. He served at Hammerton Road and Woodseats, Sheffield, having joined after being demobbed from the Army in May 1946. Ron's funeral tok place on Wednesday 13 June 2018.
Former Sergeant Bob Bowler, 92 years, has passed away. He was the Dog Sergeant at Niagara and retired in 1974. He is the father of John Bowler. Bob's funeral took place on Thursday 10 May 2018.
Former Sergeant, Kenneth William Raynes, 84 years old, served at West Bar and Hackenthorpe, Sheffield, he retired January 1990, passed away on 27 April 2018. His funeral took place on on Saturday 12 May 2018.

Former Constable Michael Robert Bayliss, 64 years, died on 17 March 2018. His funeral has already taken place.

Former PC Gerald 'Gerry' Yates, 79 years, (P.C.704) who served at Attercliffe, Hackenthorpe and Dog Section died on 21 April 2018 after a long fight with 'Parkinsons Disease'. His funeral took place on Thursday 10 May. 
Former PCJohn Thomas Hood, 66 yrs, died on the 18 April 2018. He retired from SYP in 1995 and is known to be a former Doncaster District officer. His funeral took place on Thursday 10 May 2018.
Former Superintendent Douglas John Lock, 84 years, passed away on 16 April 2018. He worked at Barnsley, Rotherham and Sheffield. His funeral took place Thursday 3 May 2018.

Former PC John "Wacker" Haywood has passed away. John worked at Hammerton Road and Traffic. His funeral took place on Tuesday 17 April 2018.

Former Inspector Roy Jenkins has passed away. Roy worked at West Bar and elsewhere. His funeral took place on Wednesday 9 May 2018.

Roy Foster, 86 years, died recently. He served in Rotherham. His funeral took place at on Tuesday 17 April 2018.  

Former sergeant Edward 'Ted' Purcell, 80 years, who spent many years at Rotherham and latterly at force HQ died on the 7 April 2018 after a long battle with illness. His funeral took place on Wednesday 25 April 2018.

Former PC Peter 'Pete' Jenkinson, died on the 8 April 2018 at Rotherham hospice after a short illness.  He served in Rotherham. His funeral took place on Thursday 26 April.

Former PC John Parks, 63 years, passed away on 31 March 2018. John worked most of his career in the old B2 sun-division but also worked at Barnsley Town. His funeral took place at 11.00am on Wednesday 18 April 2018.

Former Inspector Kenneth (Ken) Peter Genery, 82 yrs died at home on Saturday 7 April 2018. Ken worked at Doncaster, Traffic and HQ Traffic Admin. Ken's funeral took place on Tuesday 1 May 2018.

Former sergeant Frank Albiston, 87 years has passed away. He worked in Rotherham and at Attercliffe. Frank lived in Grimsby after retirement. His funeral took place at 8 April 2018..

Former Inspector Brian Lynch passed away on 28 March after a long illness. Brian served in West Yorkshire, before spending much of his career in Barnsley. He also served in the Crime Squad, and in Training Department. His funeral took place on Monday 16 April 2018.

Former Chief Inspector Peter (Tug) Wilson has passed away. Tug worked at West Bar and retired from Maltby. Tugs funeral took place Friday 27 April 2018.

Former PC Des Boore, 74 years has passed away. Des worked at Attercliffe. Des's funeral took place on Tuesday 3 April 2018.

Former PC Sean Mountain, 50 years, has passed away after a short illness. Sean served at Barnsley and took early medical retirement.

Former PC Harold Bradshaw, 76 years, has passed away. He worked at Woodseats, and retired from HQ Prosecutions. Harold's funeral took place on Monday 12 March 2018.

Former PC Kevan Hamilton, 56 years has passed away. Kevan served in Doncaster and Rotherham divisions. Kevan's funeral took place on Monday 5 March 2018.

Former Constable George William Young ( Bill), 84yrs  died on 6/2/18 in Spain where he has lived since retirement. He was the Sprotborough bobby for many years. The funeral has already taken place in Spain.

Former Constable David Evans, 64 years, died recently after a short illness. David spent much of his service at Hackenthorpe and Woodseats in both uniform and CID. His funeral took place on Monday 19 February 2018.

Former Detective Sergeant Philip Loomes, 86 years, has passed away. Phil served across Sheffield. 

Former PC David (Paddy) James McKinney, 85 years passed away on the 27 January 2018.  He retired from Rotherham on the 1 May 1983.  His funeral took place on the 20 February 2018.

Former PC Geoffrey 'Geoff' Kilbourne, 68 years passed away on the 24 January 2018. He joined South Yorkshire Police in March 1975 and retired from Rotherham in June 2004.

Former sergeant Roy Aldis, 95 years has passed away. Roy transferred to South Yorkshire from Derbyshire Constabulary on amalgamation in 1974. He served at Hackenthorpe. His funeral took take place on Monday 12 February 2018.

Former Chief Superintendent Bryan Meadows, 81 years, passed away this morning (25.1.18) after a short illness. Brian had a varied career in CID and uniform, retiring from the post of Chief Superintendent Operations & Traffic. Bryan’s funeral took place on Thursday 22 February 2018. 

Former Constable Jean Payling has passed away this morning after a prolonged battle with Motor Neurone Disease.  Jean was a Sheffield City officer who worked in several departments of SYP including the Sexual Offences Unit at Ecclesfield.  She was a hard working member of Sheffield Branch NARPO executive committee and will be very sadly missed by us all.  A very brave lady.  Her funeral took place on Tuesday 30th January 2018.

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